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Up on the Roof

The Mackie Building Roof Restoration

The Mackie Building Roof Restoration We at SBS would like to thank Michael Koepke and everyone at J Jeffers & Company for the opportunity to work on the roof renovation at the Mackie Building (The Grain Exchange) We were approached because our model as a company is to find alternatives...

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Wind Vented Roof System

Wind Vented Roof System Unlike other systems that rely on fasteners, adhesives or ballast, a wind-vented roof system is a roofing system that takes advantage of negative pressure or the wind to help secure the roof. The harder the wind blows across your roof, the tighter it holds down. Wind vented roof...

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10-Point Roof Inspection Checklist for Commercial Buildings

10-Point Roof Inspection Checklist for Commercial Buildings From ice dams around drains to a roof leak, there are many problems to watch out for during commercial building inspections. Through reliable and consistent winter roofing maintenance and inspection, these costly damages and roof repairs can potentially be avoided by ensuring you have an...

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What You Don’t Know About Hail Damage Could Cost Your Business Big!

What You Don’t Know About Hail Damage Could Cost Your Business Big! (and what you can do about it) Repair, Restoration, and Replacement Recommendations Contact Seamless Building Systems for a no-obligation analysis of your roof. Visit or call 262.354.0872 for a representative near you. Hailstorms, often declared natural disasters,...

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Silicone Roof Restoration 101

Silicone Roof Restoration 101 Seamless Building Systems (SBS) silicone roof restoration program can offer your roof over 20 years or new life at a fraction of the cost. Using Progressive Materials silicone roof coatings, we are able to restore your roof without the hassle of replacing it! By coating over...

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SBS Makes the Impossible Possible

Managing Equipment: SBS Makes the Impossible, Possible with Record Results. Seamless Building Systems has done projects for Fiberesin previously, however, this building presented a unique challenge. Large equipment lived up on the roof which would make a roof replacement extremely expensive and a logistical nightmare. Thankfully, our team crafted a...

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