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Roof Restoration
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Roof Inspection
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Seamless Building Systems

Your online source for roof restoration and Commercial Roofing Services information.

  • Half the cost of tear-offs
  • Affordable system to make the building sellable for an owner
  • Restoration/maintenance approach vs. construction project
  • No waste added to the landfill from a roof tear-off
  • Cool roof – reflective coating material
  • LEED Points: sustainability for owners
  • Transferable warranty to new building owner
  • 20-year manufacturer labor warranty and up to 50-year material warranty
  • Coating is equal and/or better than single ply
  • Evaluate the current status of the roof, including…
    • drain performance.
    • parapets – how they are detailed and tied into other building elements.
    • HVAC units.
    • seams and flashing.
    • penetrations.
    • ponding water, as it magnifies the suns UV rays, which may cause the roof to break down,
    • roof debris, as if it is walked on or allowed to blow around can cause punctures.
  • Decrease the risk of damaging the roof system, including insulation, building structure, roof decking, and other exterior elements.
  • Reduce liability, as roof leaks can lead to water damage.
  • Develop a financial plan for the property.
  • Create a customized Roof Maintenance Program (RMP) for your roof based on roof inspection report that provides a roof lifespan analysis, roof photos, and a budget strategy, outlining next steps, including permanent repairs, roof restoration, and roof replacement.

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