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To Save or Not to Save?

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To save or not to save? That is the question. Save what you ask? Money I tell you! Money. Among all the benefits of a roof restoration, the SAVINGS is what really gets our customers excited. When choosing a roof restoration over a replacement our customers save up to 50% and this is no short term solution. Using our products you have an option to get a 10 year roof, all the way up to a 50 year. Now that’s some bang for your buck! Here are a few areas where building owners can save money.

First is the tear-off or in this case the lack there of. Typically 90% of the roofs failures occur in 10% of the roofs area anyway. This means 90% of the roof is still in good condition, so why ruin a good thing? Let us fix the 10% and protect the rest. Already by not tearing off the old roof you’re saving money on removal cost. It takes a lot of man-hours, dumpsters, tools, and machinery to get that old roof off. With a roof restoration we need none of it.

Secondly a roof restoration is not overly complicated. Our system is applied at a faster rate, using smaller crews, cutting labor cost. It’s as simple as that.

Another place our customers can see savings is on their utility bills. Our products reflect UV rays and the suns heat, actually lowering your roofs temperature by up to 50 degrees. This means the A/C or the HVAC units don’t have to work so hard to cool the building.

Last but not least, let’s talk about tax benefits. Another key advantage of the SBS system, over a new roofing system, is in how the IRS classifies it. There are tangible tax benefits through the use of the SBS roof restoration system, as renovation is classified as maintenance, and in most cases it can be expensed in the fiscal year in which it was incurred. The installation of a new roof is considered a capital asset that must be amortized over time.

So the real question is “Why replace when you can restore”?

Save with Roof Replacement