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Sun Porch and Garage Roof Restoration

Existing Roof Type: Modified Bitumen

Seam Material: Asphalt

Roof Pitch: 1/8” to 12” and 2” to 12”

Roof Use: Sun Porch and Garage

Size: 500 Sq. ft.

Building Height: 10’

Condition/Problem: The roof was old and the materials were starting to break down, causing seams to split and flashing to fail. Bad coping installation left a 2-inch gap that would allow water to enter into the garage from wind driven rain and melting snow.

Solution: Pressure wash entire garage and sun porch roof to remove any dust, dirt, and debris in preparation for the application of our white, reflective, monolithic, silicone system. Applied Henry 600 to all cracks and holes for extra reinforcement. Henry 600 combined with fleece tape was used to close the gap under the coping. Then with the use of paint rollers and chip brushes, we applied Henry’s 988 silicone to the entire roof of the sun porch and garage.

Result: For the sun porch and garage roof restoration, the seamless, white, reflective, silicone system will last for more than 20 years.


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