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Steel Paneling Roof Sealed in New Berlin

Roof Type: 12″ ribbed Steel Paneling

Seam material: Batten system design on panel

Roof pitch: 1” to 12”

Roof or Building use: Protecting over one million dollars in building materials

Surrounding area: Building entrance on east side and surrounded by materials in yard and parking areas.

Size: 42,000 sq. ft.

Building Height: 20’

Details on roof: HVAC penetrations, telecommunications for offices, and existing gutter system.

Condition/Problem: This building had an acrylic coating applied eight years ago that was failing. There were leaks in six areas with more to likely pop up in the future. The horizontal panel seams needed to be addressed to prevent rusting of the panels.

Special Project Problems: The building serves contractors six days a week and could not be shut down due to a roofing project that could have lasted two weeks with a typical single-ply roofing install. Using the RX-985 Super Silicon system, Seamless Building Systems prevented customer interference during the project and this allowed the company to stay open six days a week during the roofing restoration. Seamless Building Systems also worked within the company’s maintenance budget to set up and organize a four-year plan to completely restore the roof.

Solution:  Pressure washed the seam areas of this roof to remove dirt, existing coating, and debris. Other problem areas were cleaned and all penetrations prepped. RX-985 Super Silicone and 6” fleece tape were applied to horizontal seams and penetrations in a two-course application. After given the proper amount of time to cure, Seamless Building Systems applied the third coat of the RX-985 to the entire field of the southwest corner of the building, providing extra attention to penetrations and all other areas that could possibly be tested by water and moisture.

Cost: Other roofing applications for this company came in around $4.50 per square foot. Seamless Building Systems did the repair for less than $1.10 per square foot.

Result: The steel paneling seams were restored and leaks eliminated with a seamless, white reflective, silicon system that will last at least 20 years.


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