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Skylight Repairs and Roof Restoration

Roof Type: Ballasted

Skylight Material: Aluminum Coating

Skylight Pitch: 6” to 12”

Building Use: Metal Fabrication Shop

Number of Skylights: 6

Skylight Size: 60’x12’

Total Size: 6,000+ Sq. ft.

Building Height: 20’

Condition/Problem: The surface of the skylights was aged and as a result it had started cracking and splitting. There were also areas in the surface that had small holes that may have been created by animals, flying debris, or foot traffic. An asphalt-based product had been previously used to repair other parts of the skylights and was starting to break down and fail.

Solution: Pressure washed all six skylights making sure to remove all dust, dirt, and debris ensuring a clean substrate for the silicone to be applied. After the skylights were cleaned, Henry 600 Butter Grade Silicone was used to fill any cracks, splits, or holes. Henry 294 Base Coat and Sealer were used to guarantee adhesion and block any of the oils in the asphalt repairs from bleeding through the silicone. Finally, a thick coat of Henry 988 White Silicone was applied to all six skylights, encapsulating and protecting the original substrate from the elements, allowing these skylights to last at least another 20 years.

Result: The owner of the building had multiple roof and skylight repairs done by multiple roofing companies and none of them could fix the problem. We came in with a new approach and a different product and they haven’t had water penetration since.


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