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Silicone Roof Restoration 101

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Silicone Roof Restoration 101

Seamless Building Systems (SBS) silicone roof restoration program can offer your roof over 20 years or new life at a fraction of the cost. Using Progressive Materials silicone roof coatings, we are able to restore your roof without the hassle of replacing it! By coating over the existing substrate, we are able to restore the roof in half the time, with half the crew at roughly half the cost of a roof replacement!

Why Silicone?

  • Half the cost of tear-offs
  • Adds sale value to your building
  • No waste added to the landfill from a roof tear-off
  • Reflective coating material saves on energy costs
  • LEED Points: sustainability for owners
  • Transferable warranty to new building owner
  • Up to two years material/labor warranty
  • Coating is equal and/or better than single ply
  • Strong warranties

It is common knowledge that the majority of roof failures occur in less than 10% of the roof area. This means that when a roof is torn off and re-roofed, up to 90% of the existing roof was still in working condition when thrown away. By first addressing the existing roof failures and weak areas, SBS is able to install a liquid applied membrane over the existing roof.

The process of restoration simply means taking care of the entire roof system before it eventually wears out. Seamless Building Systems specializes in commercial roof restoration, which includes major roof repair or resurfacing of the current roof system that you have to restore it to a serviceable condition. SBS can help you save thousands of dollars in premature roof replacements and expensive structural damage.

The key to any restoration project is a thorough, professional inspection to determine whether or not the life of the roof can be extended. Seamless Building Systems’(SBS) representatives are well-trained to conduct a comprehensive assessment. If your roof’s life can be extended through restoration, SBS will provide support throughout the process, ensuring a quality and affordable roofing system.


After the SBS silicone roof restoration, the roof had new life and a strong warranty. It was now a seamless roof without penetrations for water to get into. Its white surface reflects the sun’s UV rays and is now saving the building owner on energy costs. The building owner also saved money simply by choosing to restore the roof rather than replace it. The cost savings, as well as the benefit to the environment, are just a handful of reasons why silicone roof restorations by SBS are the smart way to protect your building.


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