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Restaurant | Milwaukee, WI

Roof Type: Structural concrete water proofing

Surrounding area: Building parking lot

Size: 5,400 sq. ft.

Details on parking structure: Drain penetrations, ramp system, and reglet at masonry wall.

Condition/Problem: The parking lot was leaking into the building and lot below. The concrete topping was removed along with the existing waterproofing to expose the existing structural concrete structure.

Special Project Problems: This is the only parking area at a downtown location, so the restaurant wanted us to be fast so they could use the parking lot. We couldn’t use a product that had an odor since the exhaust and intake vents are near where we were working.

Solution: Completely remove all of the existing water proofing to the concrete structure. The roof was pressure washed to remove dirt and debris in preparation for the GACO E5320 A and B Primer application. This product will ensure that the GACO LM 60 will adhere to the concrete substrate.

Result: A seamless two component coating system that will protect the parking structure for its lifetime.


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