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SBS Makes the Impossible Possible

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Managing Equipment: SBS Makes the Impossible, Possible with Record Results.

Seamless Building Systems has done projects for Fiberesin previously, however, this building presented a unique challenge. Large equipment lived up on the roof which would make a roof replacement extremely expensive and a logistical nightmare. Thankfully, our team crafted a custom approach to address the issues the roof had and keep the large equipment intact without an expensive bill to the owner. Due to the equipment’s function, materials had to be carefully considered. Rather than a ply that would have created a fire hazard, our team chose silicone due to its class A fire rating and ability to withstand chemicals. With the challenge of the large equipment as well as a very large surface area, SBS completed the restoration and repair with no shut down time of the business, little disturbance overall, and at a competitive price.

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