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Not All Roof Systems Are Created Equal

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Not All Roof Systems Are Created EqualThere are numerous systems you can use to prolong the life of your flat roof and adding a liquid applied membrane should be at the top of your list. When properly applied, a liquid membrane system can save your building from leaks (because it is monolithic, there are no seams) and with the right maintenance can prolong the life of your roof indefinitely, all for roughly half the cost of a roof replacement.

However not all roof coatings are created equal. Some products perform better than others, as they are more durable and last substantially longer. Of course, all of this is dependent on the quality of the company doing the installation for any system to work.

At Seamless Building Systems of Wisconsin, when doing roof repairs or a full restoration, we have chosen to use silicone as our liquid applied membrane of choice. With our more than 30 years roofing of experience and our crews trained by the manufacturer to apply this system, if a roof qualifies, this time-tested system works the best. Here’s why.

Not All Roof Systems Are Created EqualDurability and Warranty

Sun damage or wind driven rains can cause some roof coatings to become chalky and crack.  That is why the warranty on less expensive systems for the material is much shorter than silicone, which in the case of Gaco Western (a Firestone Company) is 50 years. A silicone roofing system can stand up to the harshest UV rays and weather without degrading or cracking. The reason you use a liquid applied membrane is because it is monolithic and won’t create the same failure points of a standard single ply system.


The cost of a silicone liquid applied membrane roof is about half the cost of a tear off and replacement of a single ply. It is slightly more expensive than a lesser liquid system, such as acrylic, but with the warranty and the added life expectancy of the roof it is a small price to pay.

For these reasons and more, a Silicone liquid applied roof system makes sense for any flat roof that qualifies.   Contact SBS of Wisconsin today to arrange a complimentary roof inspection.