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Roof Penetrations and Skylight Seams - Milwaukee, WI

Roof Type: Steel 38″ ribbed paneling

Seam material: Open vertical seams by design of panel

Roof pitch: 3” to 12”

Roof or Building use: Storing automotive parts, garage, and offices.

Surrounding area: Building entrance on north side and surrounded by salvaged vehicles.

Size: 1,800 sq. ft.

Building Height: 18’

Details on roof: HVAC penetrations and skylights

Condition/Problem: This building has a steel panel system with poly-carbonate skylights every 12′ on the east side of the roof. There was a leak near a chimney penetration that was allowing water into the building and ruining automotive parts. The skylight seams and penetration had to be addressed to prevent the leak.

Special Project Problems: A full roof restoration wasn’t needed in this case because 95% of the roof was still shedding water and not leaking. This project was viewed as a restoration repair, with product applied to only a small section of the roof. Using the Rx-985 Super Silicon system, Seamless Building System prevented customer interference during the project, which allowed the business to stay open six days a week during the repair process.

Solution:  The roof repair consisted of cleaning and prepping the seam areas to remove dirt and debris.  RX-985 Super Silicone and 6” fleece tape were applied to vertical skylight seams, the horizontal penetration seam, and penetrations in a two-course application.

Cost: Other roofing companies quoted $2,000+ for a new steel panel install or a single-ply repair. Seamless Building Systems completed the repair for less than 30% of the estimated cost.

Result: The seams were restored and leaks closed on the roof with a seamless, white reflective, silicon system that will last at least 20 years.


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