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Complimentary Roof Inspection Program Addresses Issues, Reduces Costs

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The Seamless Building Systems of Wisconsin (SBS) roof inspection program is designed to assist those that own and/or maintain multiple buildings. There is no cost for SBS to complete the inspection and no commitment required from the building owner/manager. The goal of the SBS team is to help its customers in being proactive about their roof maintenance, which in turn will save the company money and reduce risk and liability.

What are the reasons for having Seamless Building Systems of Wisconsin complete a roof inspection for your building(s)?

  • It is proactive step that will save a business money rather than having to react to a crisis situation.
  • An annual budget is developed that the business controls rather than having to address and pay for an unplanned roof replacement.
  • SBS understand a roof’s life cycle, using repairs and restoration to extend roof life.
  • The risk of damage to a building’s contents is significantly reduced.
  • SBS creates a customized Roof Maintenance Program (RMP) for the building’s roof.
  • Businesses avoid costly shutdowns dues to an emergency roof repair/replacement.
  • An inspection allows you to protect and plan to extend the life of one of a company’s greatest asset.

The following is provided as part of the free inspection:

  • An on-roof inspection of drains, parapets, HVAC units, flashings, and seams.
  • Identification of the current roof system and its current condition.
  • Provision of a written report that includes a roof life-cycle analysis and a recommendation on whether to repair, restore, or replace the roof.
  • Development of a budget strategy.

For those that are candidates for roof restoration, thermal imaging is done on the entire roof and core samples are taken.

The complimentary roof inspection program is designed to have a consultative approach between Seamless Building Systems of Wisconsin and its clients. “When we started the process of replacing our roof, SBS gave us a great alternative using a much more cost-effective roof restoration system,” said Jesse Viens, Senior Branch Manager with Allied Building Products. “We were even able to have the project broken into four stages, allowing us to address the most problematic areas first, giving us a great long-term solution that made sense with our budget.”

An example of how a roof inspection led to an organization being able to have roof restoration completed rather than a new roof installed is with the South Wayne (Wisconsin) School District. The 41,000 square foot building was comprised of eight different roof sections. A proposal was under consideration for the tear off of the current roof and the installation of a new metal roof at a cost of $386,000. After having the roof inspected, it was determined that the roof could be restored with the application of the SBS Silicone Roof Restoration System at a cost of approximately $137,000, a savings of more than $249,000. Plus the SBS restoration comes with a 20-year warranty.

“It is refreshing that we have an industry leader in our marketplace willing to help, educate, and guide us with our roof system,” said William Chambers, District Administrator for the South Wayne School District. “The Seamless Building Systems of Wisconsin team is taking years of training and knowledge and giving back to the industry for free. That is leading by example.”

For more information or to schedule your free roof inspection, call 262-354-0872 or e-mail