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Seamless Building Systems aims to repair, restore, or recover before replacing a roof.

Replacement is our last resort.

Roof restoration is a viable option to extend the service life of a sound, but aged roof. It saves building owners and managers money and delays the need for a full roof replacement.


+ Cost Savings

+ Green, Sustainable Option

+ Extended Life Cycle

+ 80% of the Roof has Proper Function

Is Your Roof Eligible for Restoration?

Seamless Building Systems

At Seamless Building Systems of Wisconsin (SBS), our goal is to find the areas of your roof system that are failing and develop a plan that saves you money. We do this through our Roof Maintenance Program (RMP).

What is a RMP?

A RMP is a plan of action to ensure your roof system’s longevity. At SBS, creating an RMP starts with a complimentary roof inspection to determine your individual roofing needs. Our roof inspections include the following:

  • A 360 inspection of your roof and existing system to identify potential leak hazards and safety concerns.
  • Photos of your current roof field conditions.
  • A core cut to identify and verify roof assembly down to the decking to determine if moisture has infiltrated the roof system.
  • A roof life cycle analysis with easy to understand letter grading system. This gives you an estimated timeline to know when your roof will need to be replaced.

Once we inspect your roof, we prepare and present a customized RMP that will recommend action based on urgency and a cost so you can create a budget to manage your roof costs.  Simply put, IT SAVES YOU MONEY!


Call us for your complimentary roof inspection to start the process of creating a RMP for you today. The earlier we do it, the more money you will save.


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