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Residence Built Up Roofing | Silicone System in Wauwatosa

Roof Type: Built Up Roofing

Seam Material: Asphalt

Roof Pitch: 1/2” to 12”

Roof Use: Porch below and bay window area

Surrounding Area: Residence entrance and gardens below

Size: 200 square feet

Building Height: 12’

Details on roof: Gutter and downspout penetrations and dormer flashing at fascia wall.

Condition/Problem: The Built Up Roof (BUR) was failing due to age and weathering, causing multiple leaks throughout the field of the roof and along a wall to roof connection.

Special Project Problems: There are two roofs on this project. There is a porch roof and a bay window roof that have the same details. The homeowner did not want to remove the existing roof because of the Arts and Craftsman style architecture on this residence. Thus, a typical roofing repair or installation could not be used.

Solution: Completely sweep and clean the entire roof to remove dirt and debris in preparation to apply RX-915 Fluid Flash and RX-985 Super Silicon. SBS installers removed some flashing at the roof to wall details.  Problem areas and all penetrations were identified and reinforced with RX-915 fluid flash and 6” fleece tape. After the proper amount of time to cure, the first coat of the RX-985 was applied to the entire field of both roofs, followed by an application of a second coat of the Super Silicon.

Result: A seamless, white reflective, silicon system that will last 20 years plus.


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