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Plymouth Apartment Building Roof Restoration

Existing Roof Type: EPDM single-ply Roofing

Seam material: EPDM

Roof pitch: 1/8” to 12”

Roof Use: Covering 2nd floor units – no access to residents

Surrounding Area: (2) residence entrances, parking lot, porches for units at 2nd floor, and gardens below

Size: 4,000 sq. ft.

Building Height: 21’

Details on Roof: (2) Scupper penetrations and coping at roof edge

Condition/Problem: The EPDM roof was failing due to age and weathering, causing multiple leaks throughout the field of the roof and along a wall to roof connection. Before install, we repaired these leaks and started our process to restore this roof.

Special Project Circumstances: There are three roofs on this project – two porch roofs for the residents that had to be restored and the main upper roof. The customer did not want to remove the existing roof because of gardens and entrances below.

Solution: Completely sweep, remove debris, and power wash the entire roof to prepare the roof for the application of the Henry PGE System. We had to remove some flashing at the roof to wall details. Identified problem areas as well as all penetrations and seams were reinforced with PGE-600 Butter flashing. After given the proper amount of time to cure, we then applied our primer PGE-941 to the field membrane. Then the PGE-988 was applied to the entire field of all three roofs. Given the necessary amount of time to cure, we returned to apply secondary touch up at areas we felt were needed for the apartment building roof restoration.

Result: A seamless, white reflective, Energy Star rated, silicon system that will last more than 20 years.


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