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Mukwonago Residence

Existing Roof Type: EPDM Single-Ply Roofing

Product Manufacturer: Sherwin Williams

Roof pitch: 1/8”

Roof Use: Roof over a bedroom

Duration of Job: Two days

Size: 300 square feet

Color: Light Gray

Height: One Story

Condition/Problem: The EPDM roof was failing due to age and weathering, causing multiple leaks throughout the field of the roof that caused damage to the soffit and fascia. Before installing, we repaired these leaks and started our process to restore this roof.

Solution: Completely sweep, remove debris, and power wash the entire roof to prepare the roof for the application of the Sherwin Williams Roof Restoration System. Identified problem areas and all seams were reinforced using a trowel grade silicone. After allowing to cure for a day, we applied a topcoat of silicone at 22 mil thickness.

Result: A seamless silicone system that will last more than 20 years.


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