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Metal Roof Repair & Restoration

Metal roofs are a great solution for many types of buildings, as they hold up well and can last a long time. But what happens when a metal roof has failures and/or begins to leak.

Metal roofs are unique because of the sheer number of opportunities for water to find a way into buildings, as each fastener and seem is a potential weak spot. The SBS method is designed to extend the life of your metal roof, as we painstakingly address every possible point in which water can enter a building. Treating each seam and penetration point, we then apply our silicone coating over the roof field to keep it looking great and performing as it did when first installed.

Review our Case Studies to see how we were able to transform an old, rusting metal roof into a clean, aesthetically pleasing, and long lasting roof.

Remember that replacing a metal roof is very costly, while restoring it is a fraction of the cost. If maintained properly after restoration, roof your will last for decades to come.


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