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How to Navigate Price Increases and Supply Shortages

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As a business owner or property manager, we are confident you are no stranger to supply chain delays and price fluctuation. The commercial roofing industry is currently being hit the hardest we have seen since the beginning of the COVID pandemic.

Commercial roofing products across the board – from single-ply to silicone – jumped in price over the past 6 months at historic rates ranging from 40% to 60%. In addition, the industry is expecting a supply shortage beginning in 2022.

You can be assured that Seamless Building Systems (SBS) is doing all it can to help our customers navigate this unpredictable time. SBS is actively acquiring supply in anticipation of a shortage. This will help us keep project timelines and lock in pricing with signed contracts, while reserving extra supply for anticipated projects. And we are reaching out individually to customers who have contracts or bids that may be impacted.

There are three important ways you can work with us to navigate price increases and supply shortages:

  1. If you are anticipating the need for a roofing project by the spring of 2022, the time is now to get quotes and contracts in place. We can work with you to lock in pricing and materials.
  2. If the material you were being quoted on is not available, we can help you determine the best alternative to complete the project.
  3. If you are planning an extensive repair or replacement later in 2022, let’s talk about smaller repairs you can secure now to protect the integrity of your roof.

Please feel free to call, email, or contact us through our website with any questions, concerns, or project requests. We look forward to speaking with you.