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Go Green by Extending the Life of Your Roof

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Seamless Building Systems

Go Green by Extending the Life of Your Roof

Did you know that 68% of commercial roofs are torn-off prematurely? The majority of roof failures occur in less than 10% of the roof area. Replacing a roof when the majority is still in working condition takes an unnecessary toll on the environment, your wallet, and your business working environment. Roofs should be viewed as an investment that is protected, serviced, and maintained for the entire life expectancy, if not more. Here are three ways you can avoid a premature roof replacement.


  1. Get inspections. The key to getting the most life out of a roof (and making the most out of the initial investment) is to prevent water from seeping in. You can accomplish that in two ways. First, by watching for signs inside the building that water is leaking through and contacting a roofing expert if and when this occurs. Second, schedule annual inspections in spring. Seamless Building Systems always offers free roof inspections. Our roofing experts inspect drains, parapets, HVAC units, flashings, and seams for causes for concern. Once we determine the current roof condition, we provide a thorough written report that includes a life-cycle analysis of your roof, repair and restoration recommendations, a roof maintenance program, and a budget strategy for roof updates.


  1. Repair and restore as necessary. Minor roof repairs are normal, but if a roof is leaking, repairs are a temporary fix. Most leaks require roof restoration to seal new water out and keep the subsystem from becoming damaged. With the right temporary repair, restoration can be scheduled as weather, budgets, or building owner timelines allow. After conducting thermal imaging and core sampling, commercial building flat roofs can be restored with a white, seamless, silicone coating. There are no overlapping seams for water to leak through, and the silicone layer protects the original investment you made in your roof system in a waterproof envelope. Our white silicone roof coating is available with a 20-year manufacturers’ warranty on materials and labor. White also reflects sunlight, saving building owners money on utility bills while keeping occupants comfortable during the coldest and hottest months.


  1. Reduce waste and improve air quality. The seamless white silicone roof coating drastically reduces the amount of waste generated from a roof project. The white roof also helps reduce heat islands. Heat islands are built-up pockets of heat that occur in urban areas where there is little vegetation and a lot of blacktop, paved roads, and black roofs. The black materials absorb the sun’s energy and create additional heat in warmer months, contributing to smog and spiking energy costs at peak hours. In addition, a 100% silicone coating is an environmentally-friendly product with low VOC, one-coat application, high-solids, and solvent free.


Roofs prematurely end up in a landfill for two reasons: a building owner is misinformed that replacement is the only option, or, water damage was not caught early and has caused significant damage. Our roofing experts at SBS start with helping building owners and facility manager keep water out of their building. If water does get in, we can inspect and determine next steps. Our mission is to consider all options starting with roof repairs, restorations, or recovery before we consider a replacement. This approach protects the integrity of your initial roof investment, saves you money, and helps the environment. Contact us today to schedule an inspection or request a free estimate.