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Farm Building Roof Repair - Steel Panel Seams

Roof Type: Steel 12″ ribbed Paneling

Seam material: 40″ wide panel with open vertical seam system

Roof pitch: 4.5” to 12”

Roof or Building use: Storing farming equipment

Surrounding area: Farm fields and farming equipment.

Size: 3,500 sq. ft.

Building Height: 16’

Details on roof: Skylights and steel panel seams

Condition/Problem: This building had an acrylic coating applied two years ago and it was failing. The previous contractor did not apply the flashing system to any of the seams which was allowing the skylights and seams to leak. All of the seams needed to be addressed to prevent rusting of the panels and potential leaks.

Special Project Problems: This was an insurance claim the first time the roof was restored so the farm owner could not afford to re-coat the entire roof. By applying new flashings to the panels’ seams, Seamless Building Systems worked within the maintenance budget. Seamless Building Systems will return in the near future to complete the other buildings and correct the previous install method.

Solution:  The seam areas were pressure washed to remove dirt and debris.  Other problem areas were cleaned and all penetrations prepped. RX-985 Super Silicone and 6” fleece tape were applied to horizontal and vertical seams in a two- course application. RX-985 was applied to exposed fasteners that were loose to seal and prevent future leaks.

Cost: The first roofing contractor who did their application incorrectly charged $2.90 per square foot. This repair was 30% of that cost, which fixed the problem and extended the roof life.

Result: The steel panel seams were restored and leaks eradicated with a seamless, white reflective, silicon system that will last more than 20 years.


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