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Copper Roof Leaks, Reinforced and Silicone Coated

Roof Type: Copper Paneling

Seam material: Lead soldered

Roof pitch: 1” to 12” 

Roof use: HVAC area

Surrounding area: Building entrance and parking lot

Size: 400 square feet

Building Height: 12’

Details on roof: HVAC penetrations, railing system, reglet at masonry wall, and existing gutter system.

Condition/Problem: The copper paneling was failing due to age and weathering causing multiple leaks throughout the field of the roof and under HVAC units.

Special Project Problems: This is the company’s main entrance that could not be closed to customer traffic while work was being done on the roof. Thus, a typical roof repair or installation could not be completed. Also, while working on the copper roof leaks, the HVAC units were not disconnected, which allowed company staff to work midsummer in a comfortable environment.

Solution: The entire roof was pressure washed to remove dirt and debris in preparation of applying RX-915 Fluid Flash and RX-985 Super Silicon. Problem areas were identified, as all penetrations were reinforced with Rx-915 fluid flash and 6” fleece tape. After given the proper amount of time to cure, Seamless Building Systems applied the first coat of the RX-985 to the entire field of the roof, including under HVAC units. After additional curing, the second coat of the Super Silicon was applied, providing extra attention under the HVAC units and all other areas that could possibly be tested by water and moisture. In addition, Seamless Building Systems added 30”x30” E.P.D.M walkway pads under the HVAC units for extra protection.

Result: A seamless, white reflective, silicon system that will last at least 20 years.


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