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Condominium Roof Restoration Project

Existing Roof Type: Smooth Modified Bitumen

Product Manufacturer: Gaco Western

Roof pitch: 1/8”

Roof Use: Condos

Duration of Job: Four Days

Size: 4,000 sq. ft.

Height: Three Stories

Warranty: 50-year material warranty

Special Project Circumstances: The height and location presented a unique challenge when loading the roof. We were able to get this done without a crane, ruining landscape, or disrupting traffic or residents. The roof had an asphalt based substrate so additional primer was needed so asphalt didn’t bleed through the finished product.

Condition/Problem: The roof was failing due to age and weathering, causing multiple leaks throughout the field of the roof. Before installation, we repaired these leaks and started our process to restore this roof. Some extra care was given to the drain area because a major leak was coming from the connection between the roof and the drain.

Solution: For the condominium roof restoration, we completely swept, removed debris, and power washed the entire roof to prepare the roof for the application of Gaco Western’s silicone system. We identified and repaired problem areas, plus reinforced all penetrations and seams. After given the proper amount of time to cure, we then applied our primer to the field membrane. Then the Gaco S20 was applied to the entire field of the roof. Given the necessary amount of time to cure, we returned to apply secondary touch up at areas we thought were needed.

Result: A seamless, white reflective, Energy Star rated, silicon system that will last more than 20 years.


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