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Building Inspections: Where & When

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Building Inspections: Where & When

While Wisconsin likes to keep us guessing at when consistently warmer weather will arrive, there’s no denying it is coming. To get ahead of your professional “Spring Cleaning” we recommend getting your commercial properties inspected from top to bottom. This will help you catch any potential issues or damage that may have occurred over the harsh winter.


Starting at the Top

When was the last time you were up on your roof? Most building owner’s answers will range from “I don’t know” to “never”. And why would you unless there was a problem, right? However, most leaks, issues, and damages are silent until they start causing internal issues, at which point they become an emergent and expensive headache to deal with. To get ahead of these issues, we recommend having a professional come and inspect your roof for weaknesses each Spring. While that may seem excessive, it’s the most cost-effective way to ensure your roof’s integrity throughout the coming year and into the future. Repairs and restorations are far less costly and tend to have little to no disruption to business as opposed to major roof replacements if the roof is left unattended to for too long. Thankfully, our roofing experts at SBS offer free inspections and estimates! Contact us today to book a roof-top visit.


Internal Inspections

Making sure the integrity of the building remains sound is an important part of maintaining a building, especially on the commercial side of thing when you are conducting business for yourself and/or other companies. Internal inspections to make sure the HVAC systems are working correctly as well as any plumbing and electrical infrastructures are always good to conduct. For high volume buildings, plumbers will recommend a quarterly maintenance to prevent clogs and get ahead of any weaknesses from wear and tear. From an electrical standpoint, an annual inspection to switch out light bulbs and conduct any maintenance is recommended. If it’s been a while since you’ve had a professional come out and check all the little ins and out and bells and whistles of your building, it is worth finding someone to come do a free inspection and estimate. Much like your roof, repairs and restorations are much less expensive and bothersome to business when issues are caught early and building owners are proactive.


Property Inspections

Keeping up with a building and the surrounding property is no easy task. But when proactively maintained, the benefits can stretch far and wide and ultimately alleviate many headaches that can arise when managing a property. Our final recommendation is to get your building’s exterior elements inspected. This would include things like the foundation and siding, gutter and draining systems, landscaping, and parking lots or structures. Not only will routine maintenance of these areas help improve curb appeal, but they will also help you provide safe and professional environment for your business and tenants.


Your building is a valuable asset that requires continued care, attention, and investment in order to truly reap the benefits of commercial real estate ownership and management. At SBS, we’ve seen first-hand how proactive business owners have benefited from proper stewardship of their properties. Check out this recent case study and contact us today to learn how you can schedule a free roof inspection and estimate for your commercial properties.


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