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Brookfield Residence | Home Silicone Roof System

Existing Roof Type: Pea Gravel

Product Manufacturer: Tri-Built

Roof pitch: 1/8”

Roof Use: Single-Family Home

Duration of Job: One Week

Size: 3,500 square feet

Height: One-story

Warranty: 50-year material

Special Project Circumstances: This residential flat roof that was covered in pea gravel. The customer wanted to use pea gravel for the home’s driveway, so we were able to take the stones off the roof and put them in the driveway. There was a desire for a low-cost, long-term solution to the roof issues without having to tear off the existing roof.

Condition/Problem: The roof was nearing the end of its life and there were a few leaks throughout the field.

Solution: All the pea gravel was cleared off the roof and the roof was cleaned. After the base primer was put down, all weak areas of the roof were reinforced using a trowel grade silicone. The first coat of silicone was applied and then returned to put down the final topcoat of silicone in a tan color.

Result: A seamless, Energy Star-rated, home silicone roof system that will last more than 20 years.


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