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Ballasted Roof - Silicone Flashing System

Roof Type: Ballasted Roof

Roof pitch: 1/8” to 12”

Surrounding area: Residence entrance and business below

Size: 8,200 sq. ft.

Building Height: 18’

Details on roof: Several penetrations and changes in roof direction.

Condition/Problem: The Ballasted roof had numerous leaks, as the roof was failing due to age. But all of the leaks were at penetrations that could be repaired and restored with a silicone flashing system.

Special Project Problems: The customer had a fixed repair budget and did not want to repair the entire roof. So a typical roofing repair or installation could not be used. We proposed a penetration flashing restoration for this roof, which the client accepted.

Solution: Completely sweep and clean the entire area around the penetration. We removed dirt and debris in preparation to apply RX-985 Super Silicon. We had to remove some flashing at the roof to wall details. We identified problem areas as well as all penetrations and reinforced them with RX-915 fluid flash and 6” fleece tape. After given the proper amount of time to cure, we applied our first coat of the RX-985 to the flashing areas. After the necessary amount of time to cure we returned to apply the second coat of the Super Silicon.

Result: A seamless, white reflective, silicon system that will last more than 20 years.


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